How celebrities have rocked the knitted tie

Knitted Tie Inspiration

Style inspiration for the knitted tie.

The versatility of a knitted tie means that you can wear them with your casual or work attire, whether in the summer sun or the cold winter. 

Understanding the tie widths, fabrics and pattern are a key factor in how and what to pair them with that will ultimately keep you looking stylish.

The knitted tie has been popular for sometime but don't just take our word for it.

We have pulled together some great example of how celebrities have been donning the knitted tie over the years and provided you with some knitted tie inspiration to make the perfect match.

Block colour knitted ties


Benedict Cumberbatch

Green Knitted Tie Benedict Cumberbatch

What he wore: Pale blue suit, brown brogues, white shirt and green knitted tie.
Our recommendation: Try our Sage Green Knitted Tie 

David Beckham

What he wore: Navy blue suit, white shirt and burgundy knitted tie
Our recommendation: Try a burgundy polka dot knitted tie to add depth 

Justin Timberlake

What he wore: Brown plaid suit, white shirt with gold pin collar, black patent shoes a grey knitted tie and matching pocket square.
Our recommendation: Pair with our
stone grey knitted tie

Pierce Brosnan

What he wore: A man who needs no introduction, Bond or Brosnan (as his friends call him) pairs a grey jacket slim cut wool trousers and a grey knitted tie
Our recommendation: Pair with our chocolate silk polka dot knitted tie

Bradley Cooper

  What he wore: Grey/Blue suit paired with a blue shirt, grey houndstooth pocket square and blue knitted tie
Our recommendation: Have some playful fun with this Prussian silk polka dot knitted tie 

Hugh Grant

What he wore: Light grey 2 piece suit, white shirt and brown knitted tie.
Our recommendation: Pair with this champagne polka dot knitted tie

Robert Pattinson

What he wore: A skinny black knit tie, paired with dark teal trench coat and stone-brown flannel pants.
Our recommendation:  A simple silk black knitted tie

Patterned Knitted Ties

Matthew McConaughey

What he wore: Denim shirt paired with a grey waffle knitted tie 
shows the true versatility of this knitted accessory.
Our recommendation: Grey Polka Dot Knitted Tie

Striped Knitted Ties

Garret Neff
What he wore: Black jack slim black trousers and slim striped knitted tie
Our recommendation: Add depth with this grey stripe knitted tie 

Ted Danson

What he wore: Grey striped suit, blue and white striped oxford shirt and blue and grey striped knitted tie


Polka Dot Knitted ties

Jude Law

What he wore: A big fan of the knitted tie, Jude pairs a grey suit with a black knitted tie and white shirt.
Our recommendation: A silk black polka dot knitted tie 
What he wore: For the summer look a navy blue linen double breasted suit white shirt and navy blue knitted tie with white polkadots and matching pocket square.
Our recommendation: A simple silk navy blue polka dot knitted tie   


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