About Us

Broni&Bo is an accessories label specialising in knitted ties and knitted bow ties. 

The Broni&Bo brand started out simply through our love for accessories with a particular penchant for knitted bow ties. We love nothing more than than buying beautifully crafted accessories to enrich and delight our outfits, so we thought that we would put that passion along with our pride on the line and bring you Broni&Bo.

They say a single key piece can really enliven an outfit and we couldn’t agree more.

We have carefully selected a range of ties and bow ties in a variety of styles and materials that we hope are befitting for any occasion, whether to invigorate your on or off duty ensemble or add a modern twist to your dinner attire.

We are a small startup but we want to make a big impact to your style. So, in the not too distant future we will be branching out into other accessories. For now we want to bring you the best in knitted accessories that will add a touch of panache to your wardrobe.

You can keep up with the latest developments at Broni&Bo through our social media channels where we will be talking about our new products, helpful and handy style tips and from time to time special offers.

You can find us on twitter, Facebook, Instagram and tumblr.

So whether you are on all or just one you can be with us throughout our journey.

So, like us, tweet us, hashtag or retweet us we want to hear from you. 

Our Broni&Bo journey begins today, when will yours?